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What people are saying: The best melody composing tool for generating original MIDI. As a non-instrument playing, mostly beat oriented, casual user I have to say Hookpad is simply the best melody composing tool I have tried for generating original midi – and that includes about every single iPad App and harmony VST out there. I believe you have nailed it in regards to using the laptop keyboard as input device, it really is a quick way to try multiple ideas fast. Erich Nokling This book was phenomenal! My time with Hooktheory was one of the most lucid and enjoyable educational experiences I’ve ever had.

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Debate Follows Sandy Hook Shooting 1. Bormann is comfortable around guns, having hunted in high school, but earlier this week he took to Facebook and to his blog to voice his opposition to the latest argument to emerge from the Newtown, Conn. Earlier this week, Virginia Gov.

To the teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, youshowed America the heart and soul of teachers. This undervalued, underpaid, often criticized much maligned profession called teaching.

Here is a poster of the Expectations we created this year school year: I want to inspire them to write and to use the notebook. This is easier said than done. I have created overheads of some of my own pages and have why I choose to write about these snippets. I share the artifacts I have included I don’t have many, this is an area I am working on and the word lists I have created.

I also make clear it is NOT a diary to write down what happens every day, but it is ok sometimes to do this. Here is a list of things Ralph Fletcher recommended when I saw him at a conference: What do you notice or see when you are about and about? Then I let students go and have some time to write. You will get a lot of questions “Is it ok if I write about I gather them back together at the end and we share what we wrote about.

Then I tell each student since the book is theirs I want them to decorate it in some way because it is their special book. I have never done this as an in class activity, although you certainly could.

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Suspending Students From School: By Adam Gutierrez on October 10, Teachers are responsible for creating a safe, stable learning environment for their students through various disciplinary tactics. Suspending students from school is one of the most common forms of discipline, with the U.

I will sometimes give relationship advice to students, if asked, but I would never intentionally try to hook up two students. if two students I know get together, I might, on rare occasions, mention it, if I approve.

Lesson Objective Students are often at a loss when coming up with fun and interesting leads for their writing. This Kidspiration activity familiarizes students with two types of leads, either “astounding statements” or “daunting data” and provides a workspace to practice and refine the craft of hooking the audience.

Teacher Instructions Prior to the lesson, select a piece of writing, either written by yourself or a previous student, with which to model the lesson. Also, gather several books that begin with great leads. Share with students that great leads hook the audience in the first few sentences of a piece, and make them want to continue reading. Read the leads from the books you selected prior to the lesson, and discuss with students how they impact the reader.

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Teacher Supports Teaching strategies delivered in real time based on student needs. Knowledgehook is inspired by the work of leading educational researchers such as John Hattie, Dylan Wiliam, and Lorna Earl. These ideas follow the principle that one of the best methods for fostering student achievement is for teachers to embed formative assessment into their teaching, identify student needs, and adjust their instruction accordingly. Knowledgehook not only makes it easy for teachers to check for understanding but also encourages them to use the data in a variety of ways to inform their next steps in instruction.

Dec 13,  · Sandy Hook teacher Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis had hidden her first-grade class in a closet during the shooting that killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook .

Guardia also saw something else: Guardia, who is tracking 70 students in three classes. I knew I had to reach out to him to discuss his studying habits. For a few, merely hearing the number is a shock. Charles Tejeda got a C on the last quiz, but the real revelation that he is struggling was a low CourseSmart index.

He has two jobs and three children, and can study only late at night. CourseSmart is owned by , McGraw-Hill and other major publishers, which see an opportunity to cement their dominance in digital textbooks by offering administrators and faculty a constant stream of data about how students are doing. In the old days, teachers knew if students understood the course from the expressions on their faces.

Now some classes, including one of Mr. Engagement information could give the colleges early warning about which students might flunk out, while more broadly letting teachers know if the whole class is falling behind. Eventually, the data will flow back to the publishers, to help prepare new editions.

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Unfortunately, this sort of thing is legal so most guys will end it at that. Although, there had been some young Casanovas that had smooth-talked their female teachers into sex. These ladies are now paying the price in prison and the boys are off the hook to look for their next teacher to seduce. Below are some of the teachers dumb enough to get into relationships with their young students. After the boy confessed to their lead sessions, she was arrested and put to one of the most famous trials during that time.

After a long legal limbo, she had finally been cleared from probation in

Wilford, the Sandy Hook parent, was among many who suggested that in the aftermath of the tragedy, the students and teachers need to stay together — whether or not the existing elementary schools.

Students were to bring a photo I. She literally did not believe that there would be a consequence for her forgetfulness. She assumed that there would be a Plan B for people like her. I see this attitude not infrequently in freshmen I teach. They are unaccustomed to the idea that they are fully responsible for their actions, at least in the academic arena.

Professors may not notice or care whether students come to class, study, or learn. Most professors figure that their job is to teach well.

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She did not confide any fear of Adam to her sister or to her best friend; she slept with her bedroom door unlocked and she kept guns in the house where she lived with Adam. He started at Newtown Middle School in but according to his mother, Nancy, he was ‘wracked by anxiety’. His mother told friends her son started getting upset at middle school because of frequent classroom changes during the day.

Mary was an elementary school teacher that had fallen in love with one of her students, Vili Fualaau. Just as any sexual relationship between a year-old and a year-old, she ended up in prison. She had been bargained down with six months in jail and was forbidden to see Vili again.

Mar 2, Articles , Essential Reading comments I want to start this article by doing a little thought experiment. Imagine for a moment that you are in a group of twenty people. In that twenty people there is a defined leader and that leader is responsible for motivating you, teaching you, and otherwise organizing group activities. Things are going along OK, but then at some point the group leader decides that they are not happy with the activities of the group.

Some of you are going to the bathroom too much, some of you are too easily distracted, and others are simply not following the rules. Forms of emotional abuse: The group leader says it is for your own good and that it will teach you life skills, but for you it is an emotional horror show. I mean, can you imagine the emotions that you would feel? Singled out in a group of twenty, publicly labeled as a loser too stupid to follow the rules, the subject of derisive and degrading attention, isolated, even terrorized by the psychological horror, you would be traumatized for a long period of time, maybe for life.