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Vintage Whiting Davis Mesh Bag

Women of good taste did not wear make-up and certainly had few if any personal items needed to go out on the town. Other companies made metal mesh purses but none as finely made as those by Whiting and Davis which is still in business today. These astonishingly smooth purses and accessories were made with tiny flat discs linked together to covering the surface of the purse which could be painted in fantastic color combinations and patterns or left in silver or gold.

I have several Whiting and Davis Oromesh bags and accessory Mesh Mates in my collection, one in its original box and one so worn that it should be retired but it is so tactile and smooth that I cannot accept parting with it.

The metal-mesh trend stems back to the armour-style chainmail bags made in by American firm Wade Davis & Company, the precursor to Whiting & Davis, who created metal-mesh bags in the s.

Big JJ Openwork Lady with Rhinestone Eye Here’s an unusual JJ piece in polished gold plating; a woman with short hair and swept bangs, a black glass dickey or necklace, earrings, and a sparkling rhinestone eye. Dress up a coat or blazer or let her sit on your purse and she’s ready to go! Signed in back c JJ. The cast pewter is highly detailed, and pictures don’t swho how bright are the hot pink, blue and purple are the stones are on his hat, which is also centered with a larger Aurora Borealis AB cab..

And his glass crystal ball is bright and shining. From the mid s, JJ produced a series of wizard brooches, and this is a favorite. Costume jewels of celluloid and other plastic roses remain popular among those who love vintage jewelry. Most that we find are unsigned beauties.

Pair of Evening Clutch Purses Featuring Whiting & Davis : EBTH

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s Vogue Ad-Whiting and Davis Bags after Schiaparelli s Whiting and Davis patent leather finish purse ad/ Source s and s- During WWII Whiting and Davis partnered with Raytheon to make radar equipment for the military.

Aluminum Purse In , A. Pratt of Newark, New Jersey invented the mesh-making machine. This essentially changed the face of the mesh purse industry, not only making the piece much more easy to manufacture, but also increasing its popularity. Through more efficient production techniques, mesh purses were assembled quickly and with a greater selection of materials and designs.

The styles allowed the wearer to express her creativity in the most unexpected manner; purses often bore colorful patterns depicting wildlife, floral prints and geometrics on a vivid metallic backdrop. Details Small finishing touches completed each piece to perfection. Interiors were lined with smooth silk, and ornate frames, exquisite closing mechanisms and fringe added extra value. Even the type of mesh varied from purse to purse.

Some, for example, were enameled to nearly baby fine texture, which lent a cloth-like appearance to the purse. Others were pearlized for greater sheen or lightly pleated to add more heft to their delicate statures. The mesh purse enjoyed its greatest popularity during the period known as the Roaring Twenties.

The allure of the shiny, dazzling bag worn against an equally becoming flapper dress was irresistible to many.


On my shopping trip to Brimfield Antique Show this summer I came across a bunch of Whiting and Davis mesh bags sitting in the bottom of a box full of other vintage purses. The dealer offered me a great price for taking the lot. The company is still in operation today. I knew they had been in business since the s , that they were Massachusetts based and that they also made mesh jewelry and other accessories. So I decided to research more on the history behind these glamorous purses.

And,wow, was I surprised.

Beautiful Old Antique Whiting & Davis Enameled Mesh Purse with Rose Motif and chain handle — Lovely enameling by the clasp with black and white checkerboard enameling on the mesh, exceptional condition for its age. Please view photos for details, size and condition. We only ship to the United States.

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s Whiting and Davis Mesh and Rhinestone Purse : EBTH

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Periods & Styles – Victorian Category List of Antiques, With Information and Images (Page 5) Miniature Dating 19th C ” Portrait Of The Young General Napoleon Bonaparte Antique Handmade Silver Whiting Davis Victorian Ornate Mesh Purse Clutch Bag 9 photo. Antique 17×23 Oval Convex Photo Frame With Antique Photo.

Search Options Another Fine Mesh You’ve Gotten Me Into I truly consider it a grand time to be a small part of the explosive recognition that the vintage mesh purse industry so duly deserves. So 15 years ago, I became interested in offering them in my treasury of vintage merchandise. At first I didn’t know what to expect from the buyers point of view.

I practiced my usual purchasing standards. I bought what I liked but the condition had to be superior and the quality had to stand out. I am careful not to invest in re-painted mesh purses, those with missing mesh or any significant problems. I have since discovered that collectors are very happy to take one of my mesh purses home to their collections.

Their feedback holds strong that one issue prevails over all others, that being, condition Perhaps you have given thought to wanting a small mesh purse collection amongst your favorites.

Periods & Styles

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Care must be taken when cleaning your mesh purse so that you do not wear or chip the enamel paint off or unlink the mesh tiles. Wiping gently with a fairly damp clean cloth should remove most dust and dirt.

Stunning Vintage Silver Mesh Bags By Whiting Davis Handbag Purse- Flawless. $ Vintage Whiting. Vintage Whiting And Davis Dresden Bag Fine Mesh Handbag Flapper Purse. $ Antique Vtg. Antique Vtg Whiting And Davis Enamel Metal Baby Mesh Purse Art Deco Lining Loss. $

Instead, the label has gone all out to use funky metal mesh in a stunning retro geometric design. With bold triangles of black, silver and deep pewter mesh, the color scheme of this metal Well, that’s not entirely true, I suppose, since it does have a certain ’70s disco vibe going on with it. However, in comparison to some of the brand’s truly vintage-inspired designs, this Cross-Body Dance Bag However, this long-standing fashion brand also has a wonderful selection of hobo bags that simply refuse to be overlooked.

The brand always manages to register a vintage vibe with me, as I think is the case with most people, but this one really stands out. I always expect classy styles and sometimes a vintage vibe from the brand, but I’m really liking how this Ribbon hobo captures those elements yet has a contemporary feel as well.