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She is an apprentice doctor, originated from a village in the Land of Fire. Contents [ show ] Background Amaru is an orphan who came from a village in the Land of Fire , her parents died of unknown causes. When she was small, she suffered from a strange illness. No one tried to help her, fearing that they would be infected. Because of this, she became alone and shunned from social interaction with the people of her own village all her life like Naruto and Gaara. Personality Amaru, being treated as an outcast for her entire childhood due to her illness and status as an orphan, became lonely.

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Ronin-Shinobi Naruto had been walking though town after a resent mission and was attacked by Kohana Shinobi and beaten to a near death state. How will Naruto and the Kyuubi work this one out. Pre-Chunin Exams, Pairings to be voted on Heated Moments Naruto didn’t get much sleep.

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Tsume Inuzuka (犬塚ツメ, Inuzuka Tsume) is a tokubetsu jōnin of Konohagakure, and a member of the Inuzuka clan. Her canine companion is Kuromaru. Contents[show] Background At some point, she apparently scared off her lover and was left to raise her children alone. When her son Kiba was a little.

PunkB8 Naruto is running home after “training” when he catches the scent of pine trees and dogs, and a bit of something else and he decides to find out what it is. I don’t own Naruto or Naruto Shippuden. Uzumaki Naruto was walking away from his teams’ training if you could call it that. But him, all his sensei did was tell him to work on his chakra control. Half way through the forest a strange smell filled his nose.

He always had a descent sense of smell which he later found out was due to housing the Kyuubi. He had managed to memorize every scent in the village. He was most familiar with Sake and Ramen due to the fact that they were the two things he had the most contact things with. This scent however smelt like a mixture of pine trees and dogs and something that seemed to draw him to it. There was some other pheromone that seemed to draw him towards the source.

Naruto followed the smell to a clearing a couple of meters away and caught the sight of a girl about who was about eighteen training with a trio of ninja hounds. She had long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and was wearing a Chunin vest over her gray long-sleeved shirt.


Chapter four is up. Lemon in the begining, you have been warned. Anyway I took over this story for narusaku69 because like many other people I wanted to see a decent ending, so I am just copying and pasteing the first four chapters so enjoy I do not own naruto and I agree with narusaku, naruto would have a harem. Well without further adue let the story begin!! Naruto is with Sakura at the bridge and Kakashi just told them they had no training after they waited 3 hours for him.

Naruto now lays on the ground starts thinking about a different girl that has been on his mind a lot more then Sakura.

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Desert Flower by Saravi Boo reviews Gaara has a secret. How will the world react when it can no longer be hidden? Spoilers through episode 32 of Shippuden. Please read and review! Rating Changed because the M was just me being paranoid with my first published story. It could really go lower but we’ll stick with T. Yugito sometimes has times where she acts like a cat.

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Contents Background Koyuki as a child. As a child, her father would tell her about “spring”, a season that did not exist in the perpetual-wintered Land of Snow. She would happily await her father’s project in bringing spring to the land, and was given a key for that “treasure”. Ever since, she changed her name to Yukie Fujikaze and eventually became a famous actress with a cold and melancholic personality whose other emotions are merely “an act”.

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Dragoon Of Darkness Naruto falls for someone that no one would see coming, now he will do anything he has to keep what he has. He won’t let anyone take away his new found happiness. He will fight anyone and everyone just to be with the people he cares about no matter what the cost maybe, he’s willing to pay the cost no matter what. It was late in the Morning and the whole time he couldn’t focus on anything but her smiling face. The fourteen year-old could remember like it was yesterday.

His team was given a mission to Hidden Fang to destroy a bandit camp and she was assigned to track it.

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Serenna here with my very first Naruto fanfiction! I decided to post it here, so I hope you all enjoy it! Why do they treat us like monsters? What if Naruto hadn’t been completely friendless during his childhood? What if there was someone there to help him through the pain? When Naruto befriends a girl with hair as white as snow and a light beaming around her, his life changes from then on for the better.

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She is a veterinarian from Konohagakure, a specialist in researching. She owns Inuzuka clan clinic for treating animals. As a young woman she formed a relationship with Hatake Kakashi and gave birth to his two children: She is Haimaru Triplet’s owner. Appearance According to Kiba, Hana has always been a strong, well-built kunoichi. She is quite tall as for a woman.

She is very athletic, having curvaceous but tough silhouette with expanded leg muscles and big breasts. Kiba says that as a kid he couldn’t believe that they were so big and always called Hana fat. Well, he changed his mind after seeing Tsunade. But she knows that her built is an advantage, though attractive only for men who like rough women.

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Hey all! Serenna here with my very first Naruto fanfiction! I decided to post it here, so I hope you all enjoy it! ^_^ With powers of divine healing, strength, agility, minds, and beauty. Their main attributes were their majestic white wings that protruded from their backs. It enabled them to do.

Naruto blushed a little as the newly minted chunin. Hey all so this would be my first fanfic, “Some advice Naruto,” Hana said “give up on her. Hana walks over and sits on. Naruto and hana dating fanfiction All the while, she had to deal with the fact that a number of the villagers were not happy with her around the village, no doubt not forgetting the actions of her fellow Suna ninja when they had naruto and hana dating fanfiction the village of Konoha, she however had expected that and managed to ignore those looks, of course she knew that since she was now married to one of their own, she was now one of their own.

Hana, or Tsume, or any Inuzuka, for that matter. I do not own Naruto or The Excorcist. All in the Pack. With Sasuke As soon as Sasuke got back to Konoha, he immediately went to test his “holy branch” by going into the busy market section. Hana sighed as she saw the empty waiting room, ‘This day is too freakin’ long.

Tsume shook her head. Both teachers had clip boards in hand and were smiling at Naruto, though Naruto noticed that Mizuki’s smile seemed forced and no where near genuine. He could smell her scent, her arousal and it was driving him wild. FanFiction unleash Naruto Dragon Ascendant. Naruto removed his fingers and got on her knees and started ”Because he found out me and Hana are dating just.

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Contents Background Hanare as a child. As a young child, Hanare was said to be very lonely since she had never known her family or seen her own village. She was trained from an early age in the art of espionage. One day, she was found crying in a place near her village by the young Kakashi , who spotted her and carried her on his back. He then explained to her that she can look up to the clouds above and find her way.

FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. for Naruto is dating who: The Bachelor Chapters. 4/10/ c3 1 Ying the Nine Tail Fox This is amazing can’t wait for the next chapter for this story. 12/28 Hinabi, Moegi, and Hana. I don’t exoect you to use all of them, but I hop you use a few. 5/7/ c3 HaseoUzumakiNamikaze Good chapter.

Chemical Mechanic Trash Shino Aburame – Marriage The youngest member of the Aburame clan had just turned eighteen which meant it was time for him to get married and build up a family. His parents had been searching for the perfect girl for their son and they even made him go on a few dates. But they were all the same: Unbelievably girly, they thought he looked creepy and they were grossed out by his bugs or him himself. They were also bitches, annoying and brats.

He was very annoyed by the fact that his parents wanted him to marry one of them instead of choosing himself. Where are you going?! I’m 18 now, at least allow me to go wherever I want to go, as you seem to be planning the rest of my life.

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Oct 19,  · Basically Naruto is Hana’s slave and Kushina comes over to see what’s going on. Kushina get’s dominated by Hana as well and then Tsume is allowed to play with her. I remember a part where Kushina is stuffed halfway into a dryer or washing machine and has a carrot shoved in her ass.

Contents [ show ] Personality As opposed to her too talkative and rather impulsive, one-time teammates and hot-headed younger brother , Samui is mature, calm, and generally silent, only speaking when needed. She has also shown a great level of self-control as she was able to refrain from using the word “cool” during her battle against the Gold and Silver Brothers — something both her brother, and later Darui would fail at. Because of her calm personality, even during missions, the Fourth Raikage considers her to be a valuable and capable kunoichi, completely trusting her.

Appearance Samui’s full appearance. Samui is a tall, fair-skinned woman with a curvaceous figure who generally wears a stoic, aloof expression on her face. She has blue eyes and straight, shoulder-length blonde hair cut in an asymmetrical bob style. She wears a very low-cut outfit which displays her sizeable cleavage, with mesh armour underneath, a short skirt and red hand guards, high boots, and what appears to be a modified Kumogakure flak jacket that covers her stomach only, similar to a girdle.

She is also very knowledgeable, as demonstrated by her in-depth knowledge of the Gold and Silver Brothers and the four mythical weapons in their possession. Samui and her team were sent to Konoha by the Fourth Raikage to inform them that they would be taking care of Sasuke Uchiha and Akatsuki. In her first appearance, she was shown complaining of shoulder pains which, according to her teammate Omoi , were caused by her large breasts. Samui made no retaliation, unlike Karui. After Omoi and Karui had a short argument regarding dating men and women, the team was shocked to find a crater in Konohagakure’s place, which was caused by Pain’s Shinra Tensei shortly before his battle with Naruto.

While Omoi believed that Karui had caused it by means of an avalanche after she had almost hit him with a thrown rock earlier, Samui ordered the team to find someone and ask them what had happened. Team Samui in Konoha’s Archive Library.